The Jewish Vote

  • Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu face impeachment, the most serious scrutiny a head of state can come under
  • Crown Prince Salman is widely known to have ordered the assassination of exiled journalist Jamal Kashoggi, whose dissenting voice he had long sought to silence
  • Israeli links with the Gulf states are well documented, and driven by “shared animosity towards Iran, and by the disruptive new policies of Donald Trump.”
  • war crimes against Palestinian men, women and children
  • groundless accusations, i.e. slander, used to take people down in politics
  • criminal activities of an out-of-control, secretly nuclear-armed state at the behest of Christian fundamentalist lobbies in the US
  • complicity with corruption and misinformation.



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Nizami Thirteen

Nizami Thirteen


Green light from the other side. Perspectives on convergence, divergence and emergence.