Is it possible to know the truth?

Type that into Google and you will likely arrive at a “truther” site, from where you are a few clicks from the alt-right heartlands of QAnon.

I “arrived” at this “conclusion” having watched Plandemic 2: Indoctornation, which presents over an hour of the research of medical patent researcher turned AI startup entrepreneur David Edwards, who began with the realisation that 1/3 of all US Patents are “linguistic forgeries.” Their uniqueness — the sine qua non of something being patented — is a matter of splitting hairs.

Or coronaviruses.

Type “plandemic” into Google and up come the debunker sites, many of which focus on claims made in the video that US patents on coronaviruses were applied for and granted by various players in the SARS-CoV-2 arena, including the CDC itself. Those, say the debunkers, were not for SARS-CoV-2 but SARS-CoV-1, which is a whole different ball game.

What is that difference? To answer, you need a microbiology or virology PhD, and even then, your answer is subject to the highly specialised kind of debate that happens at the fine edge of molecular science, the kind that inspires the intelligent lay person to conclude that nobody really knows.

It doesn’t matter. In the two minutes of attention span the discerning YouTube watcher has, it’s already game over for Plandemic. Science has done its job. A claim has been peer reviewed and found to be false. Everything else the claimant said, including the stuff about linguistic forgery, i.e.differentiation by splitting hairs, can and should be ignored. Usually, some sort of icon is plastered across a screenshot of the offending website.

Plandemic 2 is of course a sequel. It spends a fair bit of time debunking the debunkers. Or at least, one of them. A bit of digging reveals mom-n-pops myth-buster’s lack of journalistic track record, with any moral high ground soil-eroded by the dirt on Snopes’ founder David Mikkelson. Long story short, a bit of money showed up; he screwed as much of it as he could out of a fair share with the other founder, and blew it on prostitutes.

And here, Plandemic 2 is guilty of its own complaint. Can all debunkers be ignored, just because of Snopes? I did ten minutes of my own digging into the Snopes dirt, which was enough to ascertain that a bitter legal dispute and divorce split the mom-n-pops founders. As ever, that bastion of journalistic track record and integrity the Daily Mail, has the lowdown n dirty here.

The video spends a fair bit of time covering what David Icke calls “the Reptilians”, in other words the people/powers/forces running the show. Icke himself is sort of beyond debunking, thanks to his vivid claims about the Royal Family’s Reptilian credentials and the infamous 1991 Terry Wogan interview. (Reviewing that just now I am struck by how dated it looks, and how, well, obviously reptillian Wogan looks.)

A longish section in Plandemic 2 is dedicated to Reptillian icon John D Rockefeller’s rapid domination of the oil, media and medical industries, birthing the American Dream, a mechanised totalitarianism sustained by what Icke dubs the problem-solution strategy. Create a problem —a war, a pandemic — in order to create the market for the solution — guns and bombs, masks and vaccines. Footage of Rockefeller creeping about crepuscular gardens is well-used.

The ground is prepared for the Plan to hatch Bill Gates — not the clever but financially ordinary programmer you thought put MS-DOS together in a garage to hit the big time, but a clever and already financially very privileged opportunist who stuffed his former partner Paul Allen (the real IT brains) out of his share of Microsoft while he (Allen) was undergoing chemotherapy.

Is Bill Gates a Good Guy? Again, footage is deftly used to heavily underline the question. Credit where it’s due, if nothing else, filmmaker Mikki Willis and his editor have done a great job in splicing a vast array of material together.

And we need an answer because Mr Gates seems to have many fingers in many pies. He is, no doubt, a clever and powerful person. But where is he coming from? Where would he take us? How do we feel about his documented testimony during the famous 2001 antitrust lawsuit? Again, Plandemic 2 makes deft use of the footage. Are Bill and Melinda the solid mom n pops team to lead on such global decisions as mass vaccination? Or are there skeletons and prostitutes in the closet? Gates was a multiple-time visitor to the New York mansion of Jeffrey Epstein…

Alright, in our nuanced, post naughties, post everything world, maybe it doesn’t matter if there are prostitutes in the closet. But it does matter if that closet was Jeffrey Epstein’s.

We must move on.

Checking the Plandemic 2 claims (made in many other places) that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation inflicted unregulated vaccine tests on unsuspecting girls in India we arrive at another spaghetti junction.

Debunkers are quick to associate criticism of Gates’ pro-vax efforts with Robert F Kennedy Jnr. who, perhaps through no fault of his own doing, is a hero to the QAnon movement.

If you haven't heard of that yet, there is no hope. Or no, there is hope, depending on how you look at it. QAnon is… cue more spaghetti. Definitely not the mother but the bastard child of all conspiracies, with the power to take over the world (the American Nightmare anyway) its narrative hails Donald Trump as the Washington avatar of benign, intergalactic forces draining the swamp of Clintons, Bidens, Rockefellers, Gateses, and other regular Epstein/Maxwell party attendees.

As the title suggests, Plandemic’s overall thesis is that Sars-CoV-2 is a planned and rehearsed global scenario facilitating return on investment for tech and pharma companies bringing improperly regulated vaccines to market, tracking how the whole thing unfolds on social media (hello!) and generally helping shift as much of the world as possible into hermetically sealed totalitarianism.

There is some sort of truth — some would say a great sort, and a great deal of it — in Plandemic 2. The first time I watched it, it resonated. It emoted powerful feelings. It felt like it was holding a torch for humanity, for our sovereignty, for our divinity. I wanted to blast it all over the internet, until I realised I was a month too late. These days that is an awfully long time. The information bomb exploded a long time ago. It would be neat to say 9/11, but maybe its neater (not to say truer) to say much, much longer ago. Like 50,000 years ago. We are peering through the debris, ears ringing from the blast.

But it resonated. Is that worth anything these days? Or must we now, more than ever question our hearts? Footage can be used. It can also be misused or abused. Powerful feelings can be directed. Is it still possible to trust even the heart? Or must it too be alerted to the new devilry of the post-truth era (if indeed it is new at all)?

To others, Plandemic is a piece of neo-Nazi propaganda, fake news from the same infernal mills as QAnon and 8Chan — in other words, say others, the product of long term Russian psy-ops. Or is it the Chinese, or the dear old CIA?

Or is there one deeper, vaster post-truth behind all of them? Satan? Wetiko? Evil? Greed? Control? The ego? Maybe it has many names. Maybe it’s just us.

This is a question we must all answer. And maybe the answer is not so important as the answering. Did we go with resonance? Did we go with powerful feelings. Did we put doubt aside for once and go with the first thought? And was that intuition or reaction? Perhaps, before we can go anywhere we must know where we are.

Wear a mask or not. Accept curtailment of civil liberties or not. Meet up with friends or not. Rebel or not. Protest or not. Vaccinate or not. Vaccinate your child or not. Have children or not. Vote Trump or not. Vote or not. These are choices that affect everyone, whatever the narrative.

What will we be, post-decision, post-identity, post-truth?

Perhaps what we were pre-decision, pre-identity, pre-truth.


This post is an improvement of an earlier one © Nizami13 2020

The Plandemic video can be seen here.



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